Who Cares Wins is an online study and revision aid for nurses and students. The game was created with the aim of engaging nursing staff to keep up with current practice in a fun and interactive way. In the game, teams take turns to answer questions from a wide range of subjects to test and consolidate their knowledge. Topics cover all aspects of patient care from admission to discharge.

Who Cares Wins is suitable for students at any stage of their training, and for qualified nurses looking for a fun way to consolidate their knowledge. Who Cares Wins can be played with players working remotely using Zoom, Skype or Teams; and works equally as well in a small team setting using a large screen.

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How it Works:

Who Cares Wins is played during group meetings on Zoom, Skype and Teams. It works through a simple website, called ZeST, and the game is very easy to manage. The facilitator only needs to share their screen with the group, it is no more complicated than presenting slides. The game manages itself, leaving the facilitator free to encourage and support group discussions. Who Cares Wins will help you to recreate the energy and discussions generated by face-to-face teaching or training. It is perfect for structured learning and to make online meetings more engaging and enjoyable.

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Who Cares Wins can be played on our unique game-based tool, which replicates all the benefits of face-to-face training into your online meetings.

How it Started

South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust teaches the fundamentals of nursing care and best practice through a range of talks. These include essence of care, infection control, values and risk management, amongst other issues, which on occasions can be quite dry and lack staff participation.

During a meeting of the Matrons Forum at the Trust, members identified ways to increase the value of the sessions to staff; and improve the training sessions by making them more interactive and fun. As the discussions progressed, the idea for a board game was raised by Anne Wall, Clinical Matron for South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust, and as a result the innovative game Matronopoly was created.

The board game, which became Who Cares Wins, was designed as an interactive teaching tool for all levels of nursing staff; and identified all aspects of care. As the players are taken on a patient's journey from admission to discharge.

The board game would then go on to evolve into the digital application now available on our ZeST platform.

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A single licence gives your organisation unrestricted access to a specific game on the ZeST platform for 12 months. A single licence allows one online game session to be run at any time. However, you can invite as many participants as you wish to each session, and you can organise as many back-to-back game sessions as you need.